Samuel De Champlain


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               Samuel De Champlain was born in Brouage, Saintonge.  This was at the Bay of Biscay on 1567. His father was a ship captain and learned everything from him.  Samuel received a careful education as a navigator.  In his early life he joined the army and became quartermaster of cavalry. His uncle, acting as pilot-general of the Spanish fleets, conducted back to their own country the Spanish soldiers who had served in France. He was also accompanied by his nephew, Samuel.


              In that journey Samuel took control over the St. Julien.  In January, 1599, he sailed in charge of this ship for the West Indies.  During this 2 year trip he landed on many islands.  One of those islands was Vera Cruz. He then proceeded to Mexico, and then returned by the way to Panama.  That is where he conceived the plan of a ship canal ship-canal across the isthmus. That landed in Spain on March, 1601.



                 On his return to France he has received a pension from Henry IV.  He was also being urged by Commander De Chaste who is the governor of Dieppe.  He is telling him to explore territory granted to him in North America by the king.  It was for founding a colony.  So he did what he had to do, he sailed on March 15, 1603.  He sailed in the ship of Pontgrave. On May 24 they anchored Tadoussac.  That is where the Saguenay joins the St. Lawrence.


                    Then afterwards him, Pontgrave and the rest of the men proceeded up the river until the boat is stopped by the rapids.  These rapids were from St. Louis above Montreal. Those were the limits of his discoveries.  After he returned, he examined both sides of the river.  He also explored St. Laurence down to gasp. He sailed for France in August and published his first volume in the same year.


                  The commander, De Chaste, died in the mean time. So his privileges were transferred to Du Guay.  He had made an engagement with Champlain.  They then sailed together arriving at Sable Island. They found it on May 1, 1604. Well, thank you for reading this report.




                                                   Samuel De Champlain

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