La Salle


Ahmed: La Salle


This man was a French Explorer. His exploration helped add to how the earth is shaped. And what the Mississippi River leads to when traveled. He discovered that the Mississippi River led to the Gulf of Mexico. He wasn’t like a normal explorer. He was a rather very different explorer to others. He was very extravagant, therefore you should read on.


          La Salle was born on November 22, 1643, in Rouen, France. Rouen, France is a city near Paris, France. His normal name was Rene-Robert Cavalier. His father owned land that he named La Salle. Usually a farmers son is usually named after his fathers land. So his father extended his name to Rene-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle. Sieur de La Salle means Gentlemen of La Salle. As a child La Salle used to go to a bridge where he watched canoes go by. Once La Salle learned about navigation and the more he learned at school about missionaries the more he wanted to go on at sea. The Jesuits always turned him down when he asked to be aloud to go on exploration. He got very angry with the Jesuits that he left. Since he did that he did not get to inherit his father’s riches after he died.


          La Salle was not chosen to go on any voyages. He actually begged the New France in the New World leader to be aloud to go on any voyages. He has been on four voyages. But he had to get his own money. So he sold the land he had been renting to settlers. He went on voyages in 1669, 1679, 1682, and 1684. on hi first voyage he traveled up to Louisville, Kentucky. Then he went back to Lake Ontario. That is where he built a fort called Fort Frontenac. On his first voyage he started at Montreal. On his second voyage he started from Fort Frontenac. And he traveled through the lakes Ontario, Erie, Huron, and Michigan. In this voyage he stopped at Fort Creve Coeur for three years. Then he started from that fort and traveled  down the Mississippi River and he found out it lead to the Gulf of Mexico. His fourth voyage was from France to Matagorda Bay in Texas.


          La Salle only had one voyage at sea which was from France to Matagorda bay in Texas. There is not much known about this voyage. His other voyages were at lakes and rivers. In these voyages he was abandoned by every one except by one man. This man was La Salle new best friend. The reason la Salle traveled to France was to tell the king that the New France governor took away his forts that he made for shelter. The king made the New France governor give the forts back.


For any other explorer they discovered land. La Salle discovered a sea. And he discovered what the Mississippi river led to. He discovered that the Mississippi river led to the Gulf of Mexico. It took La Salle from 1669 to 1684 to discover his discovery. That is a total of 15 years. Through his journey La Salle met  native Americans who supplied him with animal fur. With the fur La Salle got money from selling it to settlers. When La Salle was heading back to Montreal, New France with some men and they went on foot. While they were going he was ambushed by his own men. Therefore he did not have a chance to get rewarded.




Cavelier De La Salle


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